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Based in Raleigh, NC, we are a leader in the civil construction industry. We offer a broad range of underground utility services as well as turn-key site work construction. From the planning stages to project completion, our experienced management team has the skills and resources to succeed on projects of any size. Using the latest HCSS estimating and project management technologies, we can efficiently build and manage projects in a wide range of markets that include institutional, military, municipal and commercial.

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Honesty and Integrity

Our team constantly strives to deliver results built with honesty and integrity to every customer. Many of our employees have been with us for over 20 years and the construction knowledge our team possesses gives us the ability to do just that.

"Thanks so much for keeping such folks on your payroll and working for the Town of Cary."

To:        Pipeline Utilities, Inc.
From:   Town of Cary
Date:    October 4, 2018

“Hello.  I live with my father in Cary.  I wanted to give some feedback on the workers that are on my street doing the waterline repair in Meadowmont.  I have never seen such conscientious, courteous, hardworking folks that are out there day in and day out, and the long hours that they put in some days and yet are so meticulous about cleaning up the street at the end of the day and having all of the equipment at night be tidied up and they are just very very nice. Whenever you walk around and speaking to you and they offer to help with things.  Like I was getting my trash cans in yesterday and one man offered to help and if they see my Daddy – he’s 92 – walking around and he doesn’t have his cane with him – they remind him to go get his cane.  They are just nice people and I needed to give that feedback to you.  So thanks so much for keeping such folks on your payroll and working for the Town of Cary.

Citizen of Meadowmont, Cary”

To:        Pipeline Utilities, Inc.
From:   Town of Chapel Hill Police Officer
Date:    November 19, 2020

"I'm a police officer at CHPD. This morning I was trying to clean up a shattered windshield from the roadway on 15 501(S. Columbia St) at the James Taylor Bridge. A vehicle had hit a deer. I didn't have any equipment to clean it up and one of your trucks pulled up and 4 men got out and helped clean up the roadway. I really appreciated the assistance. If you can figure out who the men were please pass on my gratitude. This was at approximately 0700 on 11/19/2020 on S. Columbia near Culbreth Rd."

Thank you

To:        Pipeline Utilities, Inc.
From:   Homeowner on Kensington Drive
             Chapel Hill
Date:    January 6, 2021

"I wanted to say what a wonderful crew we have had working on our street - Kensington Drive in Chapel Hill lead by Alex since June!  They have worked long hours, so friendly, hard-working & respectful.  I am really appreciative of their excellent work!"

Thank you
Dear Mr. Moser and Mr. Blankenship,

“We are very grateful for your Team's safe and diligent work to repair the aerial crossing along the Morgan Creek Interceptor which failed last week. This emergency work was critically important for the Carboro/Chapel Hill community and the natural environment, and you got the job done - thank you!

Bruce Clark immediately answered our phone call for assistance and your team had staff, equipment, and materials quickly mobilized and ready to go the next morning. Mason Kenyon, Chris Acord, and Bruce Clark were instrumental in developing solutions to the challenging situation that we faced, and your team worked diligently and safely through long hours and intermittent summer storms. We are extremely pleased that we were able to restore flow to the interceptor last night. Your communications and coordination with our staff and your respect for the neighborhood and the sensitive creek environment throughout this work are greatly appreciated.

OWASA has a long and successful track record working with Pipeline Utilities, and we deeply appreciate your help with this very important and challenging emergency repair. Please pass our thanks along to your very deserving staff."

Todd Taylor, P.E.
Executive Director, OWASA
Giving Back
Pipeline Utilities cares and acknowledges the importance of giving back to the people and communities that need it most.
The Gift of Giving

Each year at Christmas, Pipeline employees donate money to a fund that goes to help families that have fallen into difficult circumstances.  The support is given in the names of our owners as a gift from the employees. Whether it's helping out a single mother from New Bern that lost her home in the flood or giving to the Ronald McDonald House to allow families to be close to their sick children, it demonstrates who Pipeline Utilities is. We are a family that cares about others as much as we do ourselves. We are proud of our team members for helping those less fortunate during the holiday season.

Ronald McDonald House
Hurricane Relief

Following the landfall of Hurricane Florence on the North Carolina coast on September 14th, the state’s southern coast and areas east and south were devastated with flooding. Due to our location and busy life as normal in the Piedmont area, we were removed from the fact that a lot of people lost everything they owned due to this storm.  
In an effort to find a way to help our fellow North Carolinians, Mason Kenyon organized the collection of equipment and supplies to carry down and distribute over two separate trips. While there he witnessed hundreds of volunteers serving in difficult conditions and sleeping in tents in pouring rain just to be there to help.
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Ronald McDonald House
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