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Since our beginning, we’ve completed too many utility construction jobs to count. You've probably seen us in your neighborhood or working in the middle of a busy downtown street.  We have always maintained the highest standards of quality and safety in every project for every customer. Here are a few of our current projects.
What they're saying...

To:        Pipeline Utilities, Inc.
From:    Town of Cary
Date:    October 4, 2018

“Hello.  I live with my father in Cary.  I wanted to give some feedback on the workers that are on my street doing the waterline repair in Meadowmont.  I have never seen such conscientious, courteous, hardworking folks that are out there day in and day out, and the long hours that they put in some days and yet are so meticulous about cleaning up the street at the end of the day and having all of the equipment at night be tidied up and they are just very very nice.  Whenever you walk around and speaking to you and they offer to help with things.  Like I was getting my trash cans in yesterday and one man offered to help and if they see my Daddy – he’s 92 – walking around and he doesn’t have his cane with him – they remind him to go get his cane.  They are just nice people and I needed to give that feedback to you.  So thanks so much for keeping such folks on your payroll and working for the Town of Cary.
Citizen of Meadowmont, Cary”
Current project info and images...

Duke Raleigh Hospital
Raleigh, NC

Uncle Bob's Self Storage
Durham, NC

Kilmayne Elevated Water Tank
Cary, NC

Cary Waterline Replacement
Cary, NC

UNCG Chiller Plant
Greensboro, NC
(919) 772-4310

       Utility Contractors
2204 Associate Drive
Suite F
Raleigh, NC 27603
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© 2019 Pipeline Utilities, Inc.  |  All Rights Reserved
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