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As we have grown over the past 39 years, we have branched out into other areas of the construction world, but our main area of expertise continues to be underground utilities: sanitary sewers, water mains, force mains, steam and chilled water transmission lines, as well as large diameter utilities. We have a very experienced management team that can deliver top quality results while being challenged with the most difficult of projects. Learn more about the utility services we offer below.
Water Distribution Systems

Water pipelines are the lifeblood of our communities. Composed of supply network components that carry potable water from centralized treatment plants to consumers, the goal is to adequately deliver water to satisfy residential, commercial, industrial and fire fighting requirements. We are an industry leader in water pipeline construction, from comprehensive planning to installation and testing. Our expertise in all facets of water system installation and repair guarantees cost-effective results for every customer.

Some typical components include:
» water main transmission pipe
» fire hydrants
» small diameter service piping
» water meters
» backflow prevention devices
» shut-off valves

After installation, most water distribution piping must be chlorinated and tested to ensure the water is safe for public consumption. Pressure testing of all newly installed systems must also be performed to make sure no leaks exist.
Sanitary Sewer Systems

Sewer line and sanitary sewer system installation and maintenance are critical to public and environmental safety. A system of underground pipes and manholes, it carries sewage from bathrooms, sinks, kitchens, and other plumbing components to wastewater treatment plants where it is filtered, treated and discharged. We specialize in installation and repairs of new sewer main lines, private sewer lateral lines, and sewer manholes. We excel at main sewer line street work and associated traffic control which is necessary with sewer design and installation.

Some typical components include:
» sewer main piping
» manholes (precast concrete or brick)
» small diameter service laterals
» cleanouts for service lateral maintenance
» pump stations to move wastewater to higher elevations

Newly installed mainline pipe is pressure tested and new manholes are vacuum tested to ensure that no leaks are present.
Storm Drainage

Storm drains are a crucial part of community infrastructure used to reduce the potential for flooding on surface areas like city streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. It's designed to drain excess rain and ground water from those impervious surfaces into natural bodies of water. This is where we come in - our expertise encompasses installation and repair of storm drain pipes, manholes, curb inlets, outlet structures, box culverts, retention and detention systems, and other specialty concrete structures.

Some typical components include:
» mainline storm drainage piping
» inlet structures (curb inlet, yard inlet, etc.)
» small diameter roof drainage laterals
» cleanouts for small lateral maintenance
» detention tanks to temporarily hold excessive amounts of runoff

Many storm drainage systems are gravity sewers that drain untreated storm water into rivers or streams—so it is unacceptable to pour hazardous substances into the drains.
Chilled Water Piping

Centralized chiller plants circulate water through a network of underground conduits to provide cooling to institutional, commercial, and industrial complexes. We construct the piping, manholes, and vaults that help the chilled water reach its destination. We have the experience and personnel to deliver turn-key chilled water piping solutions.

Some typical components include:
» mainline supply and return piping
» inline valves and fittings
» small diameter branch supply lines to buildings
» concrete vaults for isolation valves or air release valves
» building riser pipes for inside connections

Much like steam, if the chilled water piping requires welding we leave that to our mechanical subcontractor partners. For ductile iron pipe systems, we perform the installation ourselves as well as all required excavation and backfill. Newly install chilled water piping also requires pressure testing to ensure no leaks exist.
Steam Distribution

At most colleges in the area, steam plants are the heart of campus heating systems - warming offices, classrooms, and residence halls. We have years of experience installing the pipes, tunnels, and vaults that are needed to distribute the steam to campus buildings. We can efficiently manage the numerous subcontractors required to complete large scale steam projects.

Some typical components include:
» steel mainline piping in tunnels or direct bury piping
» pressure reducing valves and isolation valves
» steam traps to drain condensation from piping
» concrete vaults to house the valves and traps
» piping to return condensate to the steam plant

On most steam projects we handle excavation and backfill as well as the concrete tunnels and vaults while leaving the steel pipe work and welding to mechanical subcontractors. We have the management skills and experience to provide turn-key underground steam piping installations.
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